About the method of using Bochs and Win95 on Linux Zaurus

Japanese version
It is a page of Bochs on Linux Zaurus.
It has aimed to move DOS and Win95 on Zaurus.
Let's reproduce the x86 environment on Linux Zaurus.

üťAbout the system requirements.

The X/Qt environment is necessary to operate various x86 OS with Zaurus.üion Qtopiaüj
And, the Bochs binary files for Linux of ARM Processor and the .img image files(Operating System) are necessary.
Libgcc_3.2.2-1_arm.ipk and libstdc++-gcc3.2.2_3.2.2-1_arm.ipk are necessary to operate Bochs on Zaurus.
To environmental construction of X/Qt, it referred to site
X/Qt from ZeroüiJapaneseüjof Common sense and lack of common sense of LinuxZaurusüiJapaneseüj.
I got libgcc_3.2.2-1_arm.ipk and libstdc++-gcc3.2.2_3.2.2-1_arm.ipk from Agawa's site.
It puts it on my site because it seems to have been deleted.

It is in the ZAUUP about the Bochs binary files.
It puts it on my site because it seems to have been deleted.
Please extracted and put it on a suitable folder.

üťAbout making the image file

Please use Desktop PC (such as Windows and Linux) to make the image file.
When FreeOS's image file is used, it is open to the public on the site etc. of Bochs.
each image file of Win95 CDROM, HDD, Boot disk (such as Win98 and ME) is made by Desktop PC.
The image file is allocated with Bochs, it starts, and it installs it from CD-ROM with setup usually.
A detailed content is omitted.
Please look referring to the site of Mc.N Homepage SDK(Japanese).
It is on the site of Bochs and FreeOSZoo about OS of Free.
Please try once by all means.

üťAbout the Bochs operation

The binary is extracted with wherever you like in the Bochs operation.
Bochs is started from the place with .bochrc and image file.
The third is chosen, the configuration file is rewritten, and it preserves it fourthly when starting.
The position of BIOS and ROM-BIOS and the memory and the image file are specified.
If the setting is not wrong, it is sure to start.

üťAbout Bochsrc

Because the explanation of Bochsrc has become long, it does on another page(Japanese).
The place today is only a translation(Japanese) on the page of Bochs.
About Bochsrc
Not understanding puts my file and refer, please.

üťAbout operation by C3000

C3000 operates similarly of course.
It is still slow though a virtual speed goes up a little under the present situation.
It falls under the present situation unstably and it doesn't operate though twice or less the speed
compared with 200210 go out if it changes to the setting of 200218 with an over clock.
It did not operate as it was on X/qt though the USB mouse.
Because it was emulation of the touch panel, it did not follow on Bochs though Inputhelper was used.
It will examine it.

üťAbout operation on pdaXrom

PdaXrom can be high-speed operated compared with X/qt.
The principle operates thoroughly on X/qt.
I will try sooner or later.

üťAbout the binary of Bochs 2.2.1 fix+libSDL 1.2.7 with zport 's fix

The binary of bochs 2.2.1 fix+libSDL 1.2.7 with zport 's fix is open to the public to the bulletin board of OESF.
It seems to be measures of the problem of the resolution and libSDL.
It brings it together later because it is arranging it now.

üťAbout Bochs 2.2.6

Bochs 2.2.6 of the pdaXrom version is open to the public to the bulletin board of OESF.
It is an upgrade version of Bochs.
It brings it together later because it is arranging it now.

üťAbout the screen scroll and switch

The screen scroll and switch are emurated because it aims at complete emulation in Bochs one by one.
Therefore, processing becomes complex even if it is as light as the DOS application program in software
with a numerous switch like the shooting game etc. and processing falls.
When those software is used to our regret, other emulators should be used.

üťScreen shot


üťAbout DOS and the DOS application program (Japanese)

The source might be insufficient for DOS and Win3.1 of the AT system to be used with Bochs.
DOS all over the world, Win3.1 information, and the application program were settled on the following pages,
and confirm it once by all means, please.
DOS and windows3.1 that revives now(Japanese)

üťAbout Bochs on PSP(Japanese)

Bochs operates also on PSP.
I also settled and confirm it once by all means, please though it is reported in each place.
About the method of using Bochs and Win95 on PSP(Japanese)


Because the mouse doesn't follow to the touch type late, operation speed is inconvenient under the present situation.
It is considerably slow because it operates in the environment of C700 + swap in me. (C3000 was bought. )
Please give my best regards the report by all means to confirming the operation in other environments.
Moreover, because DOS operates usually, I think that it finds it useful to 200LX user etc.
It is a difficult point that both are also heavy though DOSBox has gone out, too.
I am using FreeDOS, 200LX environment, and FreeOS to carry confirming the operation.
It seems to have still to think about the usage of my own way.

Bochs and qemu are transplanted to Windows CE and it operates.
It is interested though it doesn't try because I do not have Windows Mobile of VGA.
By the way, if it uses DOS because it is terrible and it light, PocketDOS is very recommended.
Then, qemu6.1 is open to the public for Zaurus.
The system emulation seems not to operate.
The place today is unconfirmed also in zaurus because it operates by Windows Mobile though it is thought that
it moves similarly according to the way.
I think that collect information by it.

It is making it now!!!