Reviving DOS and Win3.1

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This page is a machine translation.

About the DOS which is being lost at present
It is a page for the still using person.
As for the status of the present DOS environment, the DOS, it is a DOS museum.
The 3 corner content which is
It thinks that it mediates and that it wants to go.

Recently, it adds Windows3.1 information, too, at any time because of the trick lack.
At present, it manages as the type OS unification site of 16 bits.
But not understand
As soon as information is gathered, it plans to mediate between 3.1 once more to another page.
Also, it adds information about the app, the game, the mega demonstration which was passive so far, on the emulator passive and so on, too, at any time.
In the one which needs the deeper information, refer to the links which are under the site.

  1. About distribution for DOS
  2. Driver relation
  3. Hard ware relation
  4. Network relation
  5. Application relation
  6. Windows3.1 relation
  7. About DOS emulator
  8. DOS "RINKU" collection

Future DOS environment

In the WIN9x type, as the last, the DOS from the MS Inc. had ended in the development.
However, the DOS is for the format, the BIOS update of the HDD in the present, too.
As the existence to be necessary and to be indispensable mainly in the installation of WINDOWS and so on
It is a shadow at present but it continues to be used.
Around the equipment centered on the reuse which is low in cost, the @0s equipment centered on it
The user who continues the development of the DOS relation still exists.
By the foreign countries where PC98 which is the unique standard of the country doesn't exist
It is evaluative as the stable OS with high compatibility at present.
Domestic, it thinks that it wants to introduce, dividing out.

The ●PC/AT type
By the AT machine that the popularization is moving ahead in the whole world
The DOS with all kinds like the above exists.
It is basically used mainly in the @0s type at present.
PCDOS 7.0、2000
MSDOS 7.xx
DR-DOS 7.05
Equal "GA" exists.

The ●PC98 type
The DOS which exists at present
MSDOS 7.xx
However, it exists.
The development group of the open source by 98 types
FREEBSD is popular mainly.
It became the motive power which forms the status of FREEBSD in Japan at present.
At present, information is published in the following site.

As for FREEDOS, the development is proceeded with as the head family transplant.
98 editions of FreeDOS are exhibited to the following site.

About the distribution for ●DOS
The distribution exists in the DOS, too, like the Linux.
It is to add software to the DOS and to compose it to the practical form.

Dr-DOS means the DOS of Novell and extended Enhanced Dr-DOS.
In the DOS, it has the performance of the highest peak and a community is established.

The DOS of GPL 1.0 at present
It makes famous TOOL of FREEFDISK 等 the beginning and it is making unique DOS.
It is flagrant as the news site of DOS in general, too.
It shoulders the center of the present DOS.

・mini FreeDOS floppy distro
It added a various app with the FreeDOS base.
It is quite updated until recently.

The 32-bit version of FreeDOS While the recently development stops
The pattern with the move of all to FreeDOS Was it integrated?

NX-DOS is a development project of the unique substitution Kernel of the base of 16 bits, 32 bits.
To spend long years During development

The network-wise DOS to have incorporated Netware Client into
Capturing PCI PnP, USB memory, Archne, VNC-Viewer 等
It improves user-friendliness.

・MultiDOS Server
The distribution of the Dr-DOS base
It introduces Seal2 as the GUI and it is adding much improvement like Linux.
It introduces the present DOS environment to the full including TCP/IP and so on.
At present, it is free with beta version. The captured feature is as in the record below.

* NTFS (Windows XP/NT)
* EXT2/EXT3 (Linux)
* FAT32 (Win95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows ME)
* FAT16 (DOS)
* HPFS (OS/2 Warp)
* Bootable by the CD-ROM without the need of reconfiguring;
* A RAMDISK is automatically created if a Hard Disk is not connected;
* ISDN, xDSL (PPoE) protocols are supported as well as LAN (DHCP, BOOTP);
* Even a 386-class PC may be turned into a HTTP/POP3/SMTP/NEWS server or Gateway;
* Many peripherals using an USB port may be connected, including HD, RW/R-CD recorders, printers,
all of them with no need of a special driver, because they are automatically recognized and set up;
* Linux emulation has been supported as if it were a native program;
* If sound card is fully compatible with SoundBlaster, it is detected by the system automatically;
* A special emulator installs and sets up MacOS 7.0;
* DivX, XVid, MPEG-2, MP3, OGG Vorbis, DVD, among other modern standards of multimedia, are detected by the system;
* A brand-new graphical interface allows real multitas k mode programs to run as Windows, Linux or MacOS do;

Because there is live CD in the following site, try.

・Stream OS
32bitOS which is developed with the Pascal base as the language
"DEISUTORI" in Russia of the DOS extender base which aimed at Unix like
The design philosophy is as in the record below.

*scientific tasks such as long calculations;
*finding the best architecture of mixed kernel;
*academic interests.

The merit which is in the HP is as in the record below.

*32-bit fast kernel;
*no global kernel locks;
*full parallel threading model;
*easy API;
*integrated Virtual Filesystem support called StreamFS;

DOSCORE is the distribution of the FreeDOS base.
It loads a GUI with Seal and Ozone.
Phoenix OS which was before is a name (returning to original) pattern.
ISO of the Alpha version can be downloaded at present.
It has a purpose of making add the following feature.
Because the development objective is too high, where it is possible to be realized is unclear.

* USB Drive Support
* Fat32 Support
* DPMI Support
* Ram Drive
* 3D Testers
* Dos Jump (3d Ski Jumping)
* Texture Map (3dFX Tester)
* Installer Clean Installation(Text Mode)
* Wine For DOS (32-BIT Applications)
* Web Server (But not yet setup or enabled)
* VESA Drivers

・ Gauvain OS
The DOSGUI set which is developed in QuickBasic4.5, making MSDOS6.22 a base
"DEISUTORI" in France which was filled with the application with GUI + all kinds

The merit which is in the HP is as in the record below.

>Lecteur de CD (Driver de cd IDE universel)
>Creation graphiques (QP Painter)
>Creation statistiques (graph)
>Creation logicielle (Quick Basic 4.5)
>Utilisation facile (Interface graphique Gauvain)
>Possibilite de navigation sur internet (Arachne)
>Distribution optimise (division en trois repertoires
: C:\PRG, C:\SYS, C:\GVN) et instalation de la disquette
complementaire avec en plus l'edit de Windows 95)

・Linster OS
The GUI set by the FreeDOS base
Style "NA"感"ZIDESU" which aims at the 95 wind screen
It is the state of 486 pieces of 386 pieces of operation at quite. It still is a development version.
The serials have a page.
Does it let's intend to sell to this Win, Unix prime surely?

●MS-DOS7.00, 7.10 (Win95、98) The type
Win95, DOS7.0, 7.1 which is made 98 bases, too, separate from the Windows and are usable.
Specifically, DOS7.1 corresponds to difference LFN, FAT32 with the conventional DOS, being average.
Only, Tool and the app of the part are the style which doesn't work on FAT32.
Of course, Windows3.1 can be worked on DOS7, too.
Because the following has a reference link, try by all means.

The ●DOS-MINIX type
The DOS version of the small UNIX which was developed by the "TANNENBAUMU" professor as the education business
The MINIX very thing is developed by the GNU license at present.
Ver3 to have supported TCP/IP, X Window is made public.
It is possible to reproduce anyway simple UNIX environment on the DOS by the utility.
It is suitable for the use by the emulator and the test purpose.
The site of head family Minix is the following.

The ●Windows3.1 type
・Open Windows
The details are in the investigation but are the style which aims at the clone of Windows3.1.
To work, the file of native Windows3.1 still is the style of need.

Saying that there is DOSGUI where the software of Win3.1 which is called FreeWin moves
Kapper never try but to do the being of the interest refer to the following site once.
The screen shot is in the following.
It is possible to drop a file from the following site.
Screen shot

・Windows 93
It is Windows for Workgoups at the kernel of 16 bits of Win Of 32 s of Win of 3.11.
The distribution of the capturing and made 3.1 base
Regrettably, this is made with French base.
w which is OK or becomes a feeling like a license
Try by all means and see because there is a ISO file in the following site.

・Mini-Windows boot disk
The compact Windows which was gathered as BootDisk's being special
It supports FAT16, 32, too, with the kernel of the MSDOS7.10 base and it is mediated between.
w to be OK or for this, too, to become a feeling like a bald license
Will it be "ZIYANAI" not to be in near blackly fairly?
Try and see because there is BootDisk file in the following site.

After ●windows95, OS2


About the status of the DOS

The driver relation

The list information on the driver is here.
Confirm information on various hard almost.

●MBR customize Tool
of the part (MBR : the master boot record) at the head of the HDD when starting up OS
It becomes the mechanism which starts up according to the description of the specification after preceding and reading.
In case of the Windows, it is automatically written in case of OS installation.
But becoming easily the structure which can not be rewritten
等 of GRUB, Lilo which is adopted with the Linux can customize freely.
It becomes a mechanism.
In FreeDOS, METAKERN is used.
MBRWizard, Free Copy/Restore MBR Utility which is in the following site
It is MBR Tool to support a Windows, Linux in addition to the DOS.
It is possible to customize MBR on the DOS if using this.
It thinks that there is a merit sufficiently about MBR's being able to be restored from the DOS at the time of being "ZATOIU".
Also, the DOS version of GRUB, too, is made public.
This can be used by customizing it, too, in the same way as the Linux version.
It is transplanted to PC98, too, and it is utilized with the Linux.
By the FDISK/MBR command OBJ DO and to make DOS start up from FDD, the CD as the last means
It overwrites and making restore with one way (FreeDOS, MSDOS Only equal to or more than 6.00)
Give the following site by the reference by all means.

It introduces to the following as the typical MBR tool.

The DOS, the MBR management tool as the WindowsCMD app
The tool which files MBR and is supported, restores and can be customized
Because it distributes freely in addition to convenience's being very good in the DOS environment paying while simple and it is possible to use
It is used for a lot of MBR, recovery tools.
From this place of the download

It is used by the command like the following as the example.
C:\mbrwiz /Save=C:\mbr.bin
C:\mbrwiz /RESTORE=C:\mbr.bin

The OS always starts up one piece of customize of MBR if making a mistake in it and passes away.
Take scrupulous notice in the range of the responsibility of the individual and use it.

About ●FDISK

FDIKS is partition management Tool by the disk.
It is indispensable Tool in all OS which uses memory media such as the HDD.
It is the necessity which is loaded into all OS including the Linux.
It was taken over by Win9x including the 32nd prize FAT, too, in case of the DOS and it was improving.
A development including FreeDOS and so on is continued in recent years, too.

It is FreeFDISK that developed with the evolution of FreeDOS.
The characteristic
It supports in 128 GB.
It is possible to use in the command line form and it is possible to process in the batch file.
Multi- compact bootloader who is called BootEasy bundles.
It is possible to customize with the Config file.
Bootloader supports the other OS, too.
It supports a partition except the DOS, too.
But then, are simple if comparing in FDISK of the GUI type and Unix
The new feature, too, is additional and there is not a problem in the independent use.
Also, for the license of GNU GPL, it is possible to alter.
But the author can not grasp recent development circumstances sufficiently
Ver1.2.1 is available in the mirror site of following FreeDOS.
It recommends to the person who doesn't want to use UNIX for the management of the non-DOS partition specially.
Incidentally, it is the one of the 32nd prize FAT even if it manages a partition in FreeFDISK.
By ordinary MSDOS which doesn't support by the kernel level and so on
It is requiring care because it doesn't recognize in case of start-up.

● Partition resizing Tool

It is Tool which resizes a partition without breaking the file which is in the Windows well.
Because it is unconfirmed, it organizes the present situation later.

● The file, drive restoration Tool

This is comparatively uncommon recovery Tool in the Windows.
It is Tool that the file can be managed by the sector level of the drive and be recovered.
Because it is unconfirmed, it organizes the present situation later.

It is FAT32 from FreeDOS Undelete comes out.
For the details, give the end of the following link by the reference.

About ●LFN, VFAT

The DOS except the conventional DOS DOS window of WIN9x from the origin
LFN(Long File Name) , Not supporting VFAT
Because 8.3 is a principle about the file name of the DOS
The file name has broken when copying forcibly by the back-up and the recovery and so on.
The supporting software
The minute information is in the following page.

It is NTFS in ●DOS.

The driver to read NTFS in the DOS is exhibited to the following page.
Saying that it gets to do the can which reads and writes to FAT32, NTFS of it is read
Saying that it works on WINDOWS if writing in Config.sys of WINDOWS9X
It thinks that it should use for emergency because there is BOOTDISK file.
Also, the software which is called NTFSDOS, too, is marketed.
The special driver of this reading in is free and is made public.
Also, by this tool, say that it is possible to do the reading and writing of NTFS, Change Password.
With the transplant from the Linux business, the license can be freely in GPL used.
Chntpw for Dos
But being the software which changes the password of NTFS of NT3.5-4.0
It becomes NTFS driver for the DOS, too, and it mounts the NTFS drive of equal to or more than 8 G.
It is possible to read and write but it is the fault that doesn't support the format of 2000 and XP, VISTA.

It is FAT32 in ●DOS.

FAT32 in the DOS needs support by the kernel level basically.
Therefore, it is possible to use in the DOS with supporting version.
The OS which supports, being average is as in the record below.
MS-DOS 7.10 (Windows 98) + Patch
Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.x
FreeDOS 1.0
There is a way of using using the driver in the other way.
FAT32 is Windows 95 It was supported from OSR2.
It works, being average in the DOS which is loaded into WINDOWS of this since then.
In the others, it is the driver of above-mentioned NTFS, FREEFDISK of FREEDOS built-in.
FAT32 driver for Dr-DOS 7.03(DRFAT32.SYS ) and so on exist.
At present, it is composed of the DRFAT32.EXE, DRFAT32.sys 2 corner file.
It is X:\DRFAT32.EXE in AUTOEXEC.BAT /m:120 >NUL.
It becomes usable if incorporating "WO".
It is possible to download in the following.

It is Ext2, 3, ReiserFS in ●DOS.

Ext2 of the Linux, 3, ReiserFS can be read and written in the DOS.
LTools which is in the following site is usable in the DOS, Win3.x, 9x, the NT series.
It is possible to work by CUI, the GUI, the browser.
The equal to or more than 2-G drive can be used and it thinks that it is convenient for the Linux user who is doing Dua Roberta.
of the fling by all means because besides, too, there are some

It is HFS in ●DOS.

HFS which is the format of Mac in the DOS can be read and written.
HFS Utilties which is in the following site is usable in the DOS, Win3.x, 9x, the NT series.
It is possible to work by Mtools similar CUI, the GUI, the browser.
Also, it is Shear as the FDD mount but MAC-ETTE, too, is in the following.
The equal to or more than 2-G drive can be used and it thinks that it is convenient for the Mac user of the conversion of the file, the emulator and so on.
of the fling by all means because besides, too, there are some

It is SATA in ●DOS.

The SATA drive which is the center of recent hard in the DOS can be read and written.
In case of FreeDOS, the HDD which was recognized in BIOS by the Kernel level can be read and written.

Also, CDROM driver, GCDROM for SATA, is made public in FreeDOS.
The example of Config.sys and Autoexec.bat comes out. Try once.

determine number to detect 1st/2nd/3th SATA native ide controller


Link drive letter to cdrom drive


But also, the driver of UltraDMA includes UDMA2.SYS
SATA, too, seems able to work. (Source unconfirmed information)

● The Japanese FEP relation

To enter 98 DOS by Japanese, FEP must be subscribed.
Because the dictionary and the converter ability are insufficient in the DOS times
To be best is to buy ATOK8 and to use but as for becoming with now, the getting is difficult.
When it isn't possible to get, it uses IME.
To be and to subscribe the driver of FEP are general.
Also, the dictionary of MSIME95 of Win95 can be used by subscribing it, too.
Refer to the end of the following link.
When using MSIME95 in PC-DOS


The hard ware relation

It makes the USB boot disk of the ●DOS base.

By the others of the BIOS upgrade of the motherboard
Much opportunity to make DOS start up through USB should occur.
It introduces because there is a detailed way in the following site.

It is USB equipment in ●DOS.

Equipment below the present is reported.
FDD, HardDisk, CD-ROM(RW), Mouse, ZipDrive, MO, the LAN and so on work.
But the author isn't understood because he isn't trying
There are a driver, explanation of the USB equipment which it is possible to use for the following page in the DOS it.
The operations check of the USB equipment is reported mainly in the storage relation.
According to the site of above-mentioned Darkehorse, USB2.0, too, seems to want to be dealt with.

Refer to the following therefore in USB toward Windows95, NT4.0.
Way of using USB in Windows95, NT4.0

It is a tape drive in ●DOS, Win9x.

But have passed away but almost used now for the price reduction of the HDD
The tape drive which is used with the general NT base, too, is usable in the DOS, Win9x.
It thinks that it is convenient to restore a supported dater.
Because the driver is existing at the site of each manufacturer
Almost, after downloading, it uses by the backup program.
Following is convenient for the search of the driver.
It is Shear but following Datman supports a backup program.


The Network relation

It is Network in ●DOS.

There are some ways of using a network in the DOS.
The general way is Microsoft Network Client It is the way of using 3.0, LanManager.
NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, the DLC are usable.
But, to use TCP/IP, it consumes 230 KB of conventional memories.
The person that the memory becomes a feeling is Artisoft Lantastic There is 6, too, but 6 is charged.
The other way includes the way of using Novel Netware DOS Client.
To use Netware Client, the server becomes need particularly.
There is NetWare add on in OpenDOS7.01/DRDOS7.03 and it is supported.
There is explanation in the following page about the explanation of the MS relation, the driver (the English version).
Also, NeOS, IBM LAN Client, InvisibleLan 等, too, are the style which is but are in the investigation.
The explanation in Japanese is in the following page.
Consult the end of the following link therefore in the application and see it.
It plans to attempt to mediate in the meantime.

About Webserver in ●DOS

If not worrying absolutely in the performance from the network-connection
It is possible to use as the Web server, the FTP server, the DNS server, the mail server in the DOS.
Some various server software is made public.
But it is possible to operate at 286, 386 if becoming the feeling
Individually, is it (95, above NT) a Windows at the memory and in the aspect of the performance?
It recommends use with Unix, the Linux strongly.

About SSH in ●DOS

SSH can be used when doing the remote connection which used Telnet 等 in the DOS.
The terminal communication from the DOS becomes secure if there is this.

It is a remote desktop in ●DOS.

It is possible to think of using a remote desktop as the 1 corner way of the GUI in the DOS, too.
In the DOS, there are Desktop On Call and DOSVNC, DOSRDP 等 in the available software.
These is a client mainly but it is possible to use for the model which becomes an object by them if making a server.
Specifically, Desktop On Call is convenient for the person who is using Webboy.

Also, DOSRDP which used WindowsTerminalServer appeared.
It is DOSVNC and difference Shear, but it is high-speed and stability, 16-bit color are said to be usable.
of once by all means the trial

It is 2 Channel in ●DOS (2ch).

To see 2ch in the DOS, it connects the above TCP/IP and it is possible to read via the browser.
Nothing then, it isn't comfortable same of usual Windows particularly.
2 Channel browser which is used in the DOS at present was cultivated in the 200LX times.
Some browsers exist.
Also, it is possible to see using the text browser of Lynx 等 via P2, too.
It attempts to confirm the following site and it spares it below.

It is BitTorrent in ●DOS.

The connection of 2 P of P which used BitTorrent in the DOS can be used.
ctorrent-ng which is Port of BitTorrent is the one of the top of FreeDOS.
There was a report to have worked under the DJGPP environment.
The details attempt to see the following site.


The application relation

The DOS application is usable at present through the DOS, Windows3.1, 95.
Also, of making the all kinds of PDA 等 environment, being various it is possible to use through the emulator.
It thinks that it doesn't think of now, and so on, and that it wants to mediate between now including the meaning of the soft complementing.

The ●DOS Extender relation

of the memory area which it is possible to have used only 640, 768 KB for originally on the DOS with DOS Extender
It is the software which extends an available amount-of-memory on the DOS using the protected mode.
At present, with the popularization of the Windows, the development and the use had become a decline.
The advanced game like Doom, WarCraft2 by using DOS Extender
It realized advanced application such as AutoCad1.1, Watcom C.

As for present DOS Extender, more than one development is continued.
Recently, Win32-PE (.exe, .dll, .ocx, .sys, the .scr type executable file) works.
The development such as the emulation of 32 API of Win is proceeded with.
Give the following site for more information by the reference.

・HX DOS Extender
It supports Win32-PE, emulation of 32 API of Win, OpenGL, and so on.
Specifically, it supports x86 emulation such as bochs, Qemu, DOSBox, too.
mplayer(!) , Working to the various compiler, the emulator
Indeed and it is updated in the continuation at present.
That the Win32 app works where in future is to be pleasant.

By the list of the software to test actually and for the operations check to come off
It is exhibited to following Dr-DosWiki.
of the reading by all means about doing the being of the interest

The entry has an update-condition at the following BBS.

DOS Extender which was used in the wide area in the DOS prime times which were developed by the Tenberry Inc.
The app of DOOM 等 and so on are moving on this top of the softness.
of hard of Sound 等 by the NT type OBJ DO but Win9x, the NT type work
There is a lot of software which doesn't work that it isn't possible to work directly, too.
It is the app which is indispensable for the meaning which is due to the use environment.

It is a GUI in ●DOS.

From the one that the GUI in the DOS derived from fy Lahr such as DOS-SHELL
It exists to multi- mouse + window, the real one which was called multitasking.
But the one of the most cask is a Windows and the one which was called OS/2
There is one not to have seen eyes the day as the DOS substitution environment in the past quite variously.
Because there are some screen shots in the following site
Confirm to do the being of the interest.

GEM is the GUI environment which was done by commercial in 1985-1989.
At present, it is made public in the form such as FreeGEM.
It is making public OpenGEM, too, in the form of the distribution of FreeGEM.
A unique app, too, is developed by the GUI which was conscious of Mac strongly.

The GUI application the base of which was FreeGEM also
It is developed through the Net in following WebRing at present, too.
GUI simple "BURAUZAYA" which is uncommon to the DOS in
FreeGEM/XM of the multitasking is made public.
of the trial of the way to be interested in because XP is said to work by all means
It may be funny when using with the app of Webboy and VNC 等.

・Desktop 2
The GUI environment of the form of Menu, Icon which was conscious of Windows3.0
The light-weight place is a characteristic to the emergency which works at 286, 640 K.

It has 32-bit GUI and it is providing advanced Multimedia environment including VGA, Win9x LFN support 等.
An advanced specification is required in the other side, the DOS which is providing very advanced environment.
It is in the fault that the operation is unstable because also, are in the development process at present.
The minimum specification needs the environment of 486, 8 M of memories, VGA, DPMI, equal to or more than 1.6-M HDD.
At present, a separate-project, too, is developed as Xseal.

It is the GUI environment of Unix/NeXT-style.
It is providing advanced GUI environment, but it is using 32BitDJGPP 等 and the threshold seems high.
In the minimum, 80486, 4MB RAM, 9MB HD, the recommendation are Pentium It is 90-MHz +, 16-MB + RAM, 20MB HD.

・Necromancer's Dos Navigator
It is operation "SURUNO" GUI environment on DPMI32.
In addition to LFN, Multi-windowed interface, it is providing advanced GUI environment.
It is made public in the form which works at multi- platform in addition to the Windows and the Linux.

It is the GUI library environment of the C base.
It is very simple structure but in the direct light weight, the author is said to test at 386, 40 MHz.
You test by all means because it is made public in GPL and it is "NA".

DOS GUI with the simplicity that Fun500 was manufactured in QBASIC The development version
The pattern to be manufacturing a simple GUI app
It is making basic feature such as Drag and Drop accompany.

・ The other GUI
Specified with the separate section eyes of X Window which works in the DOS in the following by it
Also, some GUIs show in the following beforehand to the above 以外, too, because there are they.
It confirms details later and it plans to organize them.

Krono Junior
Millenium OS
* Ozone, Beta Versions - full featured desktop environment
* DOS Access - A very good GUI (32-bit, uses Allegro)
* LCARS24 - A “Star Trek"-like GUI (32-bit, uses Allegro)
* Scirus

It is X Window in ●DOS.

It is the X Window version of DESQview which was developed as the GUI environment in the DOS.
At first, it was to do shareware being but regrettably, the development is stop "SARE".
It is made public at the following site as abondonware with DESQview.
Try to do the being of the interest by all means.

It is multi- media in ●DOS.

Softness of multi- media relation which works in the DOS yes shoe OBJ DO or being
It is gathered as the list by following DR-DOSWiki.
Because are specified by the various MP3 player, the list, the details of the video player
Read to do the being of the interest by all means.

・ It recycles a MP3 in the DOS.

The MP3 the recycling of which in the hardness of the low specification is difficult, too, can replay in the DOS.
To recycle a general MP3, it is 486 100 MHz, the CPU above Pentium, the 4-8-Mb memory are necessary.
As for the MP3 player in the DOS, MPXPLAY about which the environment of the GUI is excellent is often used.
It makes DOS, DOS window environment a target and it continues to be updated at present.
The accumulator, AC3, APE, DTS, FLAC, MP2, MPC, OGG, WMA, WV, CDW in addition to the MP3
Also, it is compatible in a lot of formats such as ASF, AVI, MP4, WAV.
Of course, it is a Windows 98, 2000. It supports XP, Vista, too.
Try once by all means.

・ It recycles a video in the DOS.

It is possible to recycle MOPEG1 video on the DOS even if the low specification is hard.
When using DMPEG, VMPEG, the video of 160x120 is a thing with replay's being possible in the case of 386, 33 MHz.
Doing the explanation being that equal to or more than 486 can be replayed by in its own way boiling 486
but there may are not a value in the low specification app so much about becoming with now
Saying whether or not it should use for a test purpose on the emulator?
There is an explanation of the MPEG environment of the DOS, each OS which contains Win3.1 in the following site.
of the reading by all means about doing the being of the interest

Also, it is Shear but QuickView is the software which can be replayed to AVI, DIVX, the MP3.
But writing that it is usable at the 32-bit protected mode and equal to or more than 386
To make recycle these actual videos, it is Pentium But made 166 MHz.
It is written when equal to or more than 300 MHz of P-Ⅱ are necessary for the fruit to operate.
In case of video recycling, it is unreasonable and it doesn't use DOS and it seems that had better replay it in Win9x.

・DUGL Player


The equal to or less than 1-M computer demonstration to have been proud of the prime ever in Amiga
It abbreviated and Megademo, too, propagated to the DOS and was proud of the time prime.
But the Windows becomes mainstream at present
The software that the DOS can still work including the dater in the past exists in the part.
Now, it is called DEMOSCENE because it got not to stay in 1 M.
Of the major site of the history specified in following Wikipedia
Because it is organizing detailed information, attempt to confirm it from the end of the following link.

This is the own composition site of whole Demoscene in addition to 16 bits.

It is OldGame in ●DOS.

With NEC's PC98 game being proud of the prime in the domestic PC market
At present, 98 platforms had been expelled.
At present, the software which is left in Vector 等 can be downloaded.
(It omits PC98).
The PC/AT type becomes popular hardly in the country and marketing Japanese game isn't left.
From only, hard continues overseas and there is a compatibility
It continues to be the platform which works at present.
It is possible to enjoy a game in those days, too, if not particular about Japanese.
It links the site by which the legal software can be used in it.
(Vulgarly said avant Dunne ware isn't always legal).
Enjoy a masterpiece in the past by all means.

Liberated Games
The site which gathered the software which the copyright holder free-ized in some form

remain in play
The site which gathered only avant Dunne ware which the copyright holder released, being official

DOS Games Archive
The site which gathered only playing possible DEMO, a shareware, a freeware
of the screen shot because there are 252 because of the getting of "DEMOGE-"
To take, it is a very convenient site.

DOS Games Compatibility Wiki
It is the site which checked a compatibility by DOSBOX, Win2000, XP of the DOS game.
It is overseas one but as the operation list, it is quite useful.

・ The free distribution of "The Elder Scrolls II"
By the MSDOS version of The Elder Scrolls II which was released in 1996
It is made public in the free. Play by all means and see.

Each by source of Oblivion It commemorates Bethesda, a series beginning 15 anniversary and it begins the free distribution of "The Elder Scrolls II".

・BuldarDash Clone
The vardar dash of the "KANO" dangerous legend game
It is Clone version but it is made public a lot.
It is transplanted DOS, Win3.1, 95 since then.
It plays in 1 by all means because it is improved, being various.
Freeware Boulder Dash Clones - MS DOS

It is an emulator in ●DOS (The consumer type).

It introduces the consumer type emulator which works in the DOS, too.
By the low specification environment because the emulator is quite heavy and bites a memory
There is one which to work is difficult for, too.
On the relation of the memory, the environment of 4 G of DOS/ is necessary to work.
Equal to or more than 60 MHz of Pen when the minimum specification is NES in the DOS (FCEUltra)
(ZSNES) of Pen100MHz(Boycott) in case of the GB, Pen2 in case of SNES, equal to or more than 233 MHz is required.
But thinking that it moves rarely in the present world DOS
Specified in the reference of the request specification and the environment by it
But this place doesn't do individual explanation
As for doing the being of the interest, give the following site by the reference.


Windows3.1 relation

It is the desktop of XP in ●3.1 (Calmira).

of the latest desktop (the look and feel) of XP 等 in Windows3.1
It is possible to reappear in 486 pieces of 386 pieces of environment with Calmira, too.
Also, NT3.1 supports and this can enjoy a network-environment.
CalmiraXP and CalmiraLFN of LFN compatible come out.
It is a thing with the time of the transplant in the Vista desktop at present.
The screen shot
Therefore in the desktop except the Windows

The GUI customize of ●3.1
Actually, it is possible to change the logo, the Help file of 3.1.
Saying that it is possible to change to the logo, the GUI with 95 winds, too
Attempt to see the following link once.

The present situation of 32 s of ●Win

By the API when 32 s of Win work a 32-bit app with Windows3.1
It was used to make an app, environment switch over to Win95, NT like a transition period.
It became the topic of conversation when FreeCell of Win95 was Win3.1 as the flagrant example and worked.
It is provided but 32 s of Win aren't regrettably separated from the MS in the improvement and so on.
Because it is in the following in the operation software which is confirmed in the present situation
Confirm to do the being of the interest.

It is the Internet on ●DOS, Win3.1.

There is a way of using the Internet for the following site in Win3.11 on VirtualPC.
Networking Windows 3.11 under Virtual PC

The latest browser which it is possible to use in Win3.1 is as in the record below.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows 3.x
・Netscape Communicator 4.0.8
Netscape Communicator 4.08[de] for Windows 3.1x
・Opera 3.62 (But, it is usable until it is paid, the 30th).

Also, at present, it is organizing in the following page.
It organizes sometime including the browser.
Confirm to do the being of the interest.
Considering about Net connection in old model

It is an EGA (640×350 16 colors), CGA in ●Win3.1 (640x200 2 colors, 320x200 4 colors).

Win3.1 can use 古"NO" EGA, CGA display mode.
It becomes the form to incorporate CGA.EXE, EGA311.EXE of the MS into.
It thinks whether it is possible to use in the emulator and the environment with PDA.
For the details, refer to the following link.
Japanese edition MS-Windows3.10 utilization? research

It is Japanese method of presentation in File Manager of ●Windows3.11.

of File Manager of Win3.11 which English version is mainly exhibited to charged originally at the Net
It is the way of displaying Japanese. It is reprinting from 2ch.
We are by reprinting without notice and not precocious, being meaning but its being appreciating
The following

233 names : The Be nameless [sage] posting day : 2009/12/03 (Thursday) 19:48:03
It found the way of Japanese font's being able to be chosen by the file manager of WfW3.11.
When searching 0xC746965D24 with the binary editor and rewriting last 24 to 20
It is possible to display with Japanese font. of CF_ANSIONLI of Coosefont when saying in detail
It cancels. If changing a font, sentences into Japanese later with the resource editor
It is perfect.

235 names : The Be nameless [sage] posting day : 2009/12/04 (Friday) 22:36:56
In the error OBJ DO and the number of characters exceeds in case of being English version when the menu bar localizes in Japanese
It had become but it was anyhow settled when using a German version.

238 names : The Be nameless [sage] posting day : 2009/12/11 (Friday) 17:00:02
of the menu of the mode selection OBJ DO and to remodel the PIF editor of WINDOWS3.1 (IBM version)
It added. (It was in originally the WINDOWS3.1 English version and so on.)
It uses IBM version because the PIF editor of MS version WIN3.1 doesn't start up in the standard.

239 names : The Be nameless [sage] posting day : 2009/12/11 (Friday) 17:33:22
File manager localizing in Japanese >>233 by WfW3.11 >>>235

It seems that it is no-problem even if it uses Japanese for the file name.
However, because the volume label doesn't support Japanese, it chooses a drive.
Japanese font changes the place which is. of the volume label
When changing, the hopeless character can not be used.
Also, the font of the status bar can not be changed.

The ●Win3.1 relation driver

To use Win3.1, the driver with VGA inclusion all kinds becomes need.
Only, a one of those days thinks that the getting in most is difficult if considerably and it is old and there is not it in Melco and IO.
(but thinking that the cucumber of Melco and the IO product is in the point)
There is a site which driver with all kinds such as the following site is concentrated in.
The user registration is necessary but the screwdriver all over the world (mainly overseas) can be searched and get.
It uses by all means, it sees and it is 下"SAINA".

VGA and the various driver are here, too.
It is convenient because it is quite gathered.


About the DOS emulator

The DOS emulator which can be used by the Windows and so on has some kinds.

It is possible for the Linux, the Windows in addition to the DOS and so on to work in the x86 emulator.
It is the characteristic that supports 386,486, Pentium, too.
But, the operation is serious and needs a high specification comparatively.
The transplant, the improvement are moving ahead in the open source.

Give Bochs the end of the following link therefore by the reference.
About Bochs
It worked on Linux Zaurus. Give the end of the following link by the reference.
About way of moving Bochs, Win95 on Linux Zaurus

It is possible for the Linux, the Windows in addition to the DOS and so on to work in the Bochs similar x86 emulator.
It is the characteristic that supports 386,486, Pentium, too.
If comparing, the operation is light, but is still serious and Bochs needs a high specification comparatively.
As for the transplant, the reproducibility of the one to be advanced is a problem.
The transplant, the improvement are moving ahead, being ultralight in open source "NAEMIYURE-TA".

The unique DOS emulator which used SDL library
It is transplanted to the Windows and a wide range of environment mainly in the Linux.
The DOS environment can be easily built and the OS boot, too, is an advantage because it is possible at DOSBOX simple substance.
It is based on 286 386 and it has the purposes of reproducing soft assets in the present such as the game of 286, 386.
The system to share by mounting a hard disk
This, too, is transplanted to the various platform by the open source.
Also, Win3.1 is working on DOSBOX.
Give the following by the reference.
It plans to mediate therefore in another page to DOSBOX.
Give the following by the reference.

This is the DOS emulator of the shareware.
Originally, it became the style which is developed as the DOS emulator which changes in PDA and is transplanted to the Windows.
It has unique DOS, BIOS and the VGA display, the boot of the image and so on, the mounting, too, are possible.
but light-weight comparatively because 8086/80186 is an object
To be non-compatible to 286 which is mainstream, 386 is a fault.
It is possible to crawl and it is easy to use, being ultralight in the WindowsMobile model.
Try by all means because the DOS environment, the game can be easily realized.

The x86 emulator which was derived from Unix type which is spreading at present
The various OS works and is stable, being light-weight comparatively.
It is commercial, but it is free and it is in the characteristic that the limit is usable with the individual, the evaluation use.

At present, as the Windows emulator, it is a mainstream "NA" x86 emulator.
The various OS works and is stable, being light-weight comparatively.
It is quite high in commercial.
It installed VMWare in the following site and it installed DOS, Win3.1 in VirtualPC.
Of the record specified It is the style which is changing then.
of the reading by all means about doing the being of the interest

The Windows emulator of VMWare similar commercial
Originally, it derives from the Windows emulator for MAC.
At present, it is widely used mainly in MAC.
At present, because a parent company was bought by Microsoft, it is made from MS.

The V-TEXT/DOS emulator that VTDOS works on the Windows console
It works in the environment of both of 32Bit, 64Bit on the Windows.
Because it is possible to use a DOS app as the simple console, the virtual disk is unnecessary.
In the future, the DOS Tool group should change in the CMD environment.
of the trial of doing the being of the interest by all means

○MS-DOS Player for Win32-x64
The DOS, the CMD emulator which works on the Windows console
It works in the environment of both of 32Bit, 64Bit on the Windows.
This is on CMD, and emulates 8086, V30 and works DOS.
In the future, the DOS Tool group should change in the CMD environment.
of the trial of doing the being of the interest by all means

The DOS386 emulator which works in the environmental of 32 bits of Windowses, 64 bits
. It is made with NET environment and the multi-thread corresponds
VGA card, SoundBlaster, MIDI device, keyboard/mouse compatible are a characteristic.
of the trial of doing the being of the interest by all means

○ The other DOS emulator


The DOS museum

The ●DOS "RINKU" collection

As for the links in this place, to have been noticeable persistently is determinative.
Using links at these sites to undertake information gathering in earnest
Attempt to trace more deeply.
But centering on the free site of the link
To say that it was permitted to permit a link "IRATUSIYAI".
We request, being good in the contact.

It makes famous TOOL of FREEFDISK 等 the beginning and it is making unique DOS.
It is flagrant as the news site of DOS in general, too.
It shoulders the center of the present DOS.

The site of FDISK and INTERNET 等 for the DOS
Specifically, it doesn't limit the page of INTERNET to the browser and so on.
It becomes the links of various DOSTOOL.

The site where the DOS with "NATAITORU" is special really
The core "NAHUAIRU" place and the links, ML 等 are a center.
The knowledge of the degree DOS with human sacrifice "NA" Tool and the maniac tricks which are many is necessary.
As the DOS links, it is can't-miss because the level is quite high.

The DOS and the site to be handling about BOOTDISK of WIN
It is in TOOL and the driver, TIPS in addition to the image file.
The composition is simple, is easy-to-understand and the level of the links, too, is high.
It is the site which is quite useful when troubled with the trouble and so on.

Interesting DOS programs
The site to introduce all kind softness, the most new software for the DOS to
Epoch-making DOS software is literally introduced, being various.
When whether or not such software exists, it guarantees what surprised at.

The Freshmeat MSDOS category
The site to introduce the DOS compatible GNU project of the UNIX base to
It is in the characteristic that there are many projects which continue at present on the relation with the UNIX and are updated.
Main Tool of fy Lahr, the Net, the compression, the emulator relation and so on

The Wiki site of DR-DOS which isn't exaggerated even if it is called the most cutting-edge DOS at present
The update-condition of the related app in addition to the information on DR-DOS, too, is included every time 都度.
One of the sites which are best to get the latest information

The site which gathered FREE, a shareware all over the world and so on
Of course, there are a lot of files such as WIN, MAC which included DOS.
It is can't-miss because there is one which becomes available only here, too.

The site which explains the setting of the DOS which can have been mumbling which isn't written down
The very minute setting and the explanation are expert turning.
Do requiring care because these act is very dangerous.
Because it is digging into the content except the DOS, too, fairly
of the reading by all means

Lightspeed's reference page
It makes Windows3.1 a base and it is a page about the Windows, the DOS.
There are enormous information, links to the type resource of 16 bits.
It is useful to the user of either of the DOS, 3.1.
The BBS, too, separates into each layer and there quite is writing in.
The site which gathered a various driver
A lot of a lot of driver for the DOS, too, exists.
When troubled about the hard ware and so on, it is convenient.
To use, the free subscription is necessary.

The Palmtop Network
The information system site of the DOS machine, the HP-LX type of PalmTop
There seems to be most population which is using only DOS purely.
Various software, information on ML 等 are collected.
It recommends to the person who isn't using HP-LX, too.

Network BookCase
The library collection or the Link collection of the DOS which used Network
There is not familiarity in EMU386 (386 emus for 286) and so on at all.
It is in the characteristic that there is Link of the software.

The DOS forum at the compared and big PC type BBS in the foreign countries
That a discussion is done is a characteristic at present.
It recommends because the latest information and the FAQ can be realtime confirmed.

Google General DOS Newsgroups
The newsgroup of the DOS relation of Google
There is a category of the specialized study, the program, Djgpp, 4DOS, the app, MAILNEWS Corporation and so on.
An update-condition is included every time 都度.
That a discussion is done is a characteristic at present.
It recommends because the latest information and the FAQ can be realtime confirmed.

My DOS Internet Page
The DOS document, the link site which participates in DOS Internet Webring, too
Because it participates in FreeDOS documentation Project, too
It becomes fairly full-scale contents.
There is volume of information to want to attempt to translate if there is time.
此方, too, is can't-miss.

The DOS site + links to have gathered around the wide area fairly
There is an eclectic link from the setting method to the app.
Also, there is explanation of the batch file of the DOS and so on, too.
Specifically, DOS WEBSITES in the content is quite powerful links.
此方, too, is can't-miss.

DOS Games Weblinks list
The Web links at the site to introduce a game for the DOS to
From the software, that there is what was seen somewhere
of DEMO of it of the shareware of the software not to come across in the country
It is introduced as the center.

Free Software For DOS
It is introducing FREEWARE for the DOS.
It is except GAME but there are equal to or more than 700 pieces of software.
The app which is convenient by much is minutely introduced.
The site which makes above-mentioned USBDriver the beginning and is developing various DOSTool
Tool of 等 of USB and BOOTDISK, LFN for the DOS is put.
As for making USB between, it is world's strongest probably.

The page of the page with DOS all kinds, the program, the links
The place where to be in the explanation, the app, the FAQ, GAME even if it attempts to make links is stunning
As the links, the best information collection can not miss.
See once by all means.
It is even now dynamically updated.
The page of the page of Win3.1 with all kinds, the driver, the program, the links of it
It explains Win3.1 and NT3.x type mainly, the mainly driver
The customize of the GUI is must-see.
There is Win3.1 information on DOSBOX and VirtualPC, too.

The Windows 3.1 WebRing
Webring of Win3.1 The page of the various links
It recommends to attempt to be necessary once because there are main DOS, a site of Win3.1.

The Oldfiles Network
It made PowerLoad, Lightspeed's reference page the beginning.
The DOS, the links for 3.1
The enormous literature, the links such as CDROM, PCMCIA, USB are must-see.
Requiring care

The software of the DOS, the explanation of the network and the site about the links
The being of the place to become the structure which is easy to find such as the link and the explanation of the software is simply and clearly done a characteristic.
The links are enormous fairly.

The site to do the general explanation of the DOS recently and to be "IRU"
Clearly in explanation to have made very concise, the information power which the hard ware, the network and so on dug into stands out.
The current user is undoubtedly must-see.

Skip's HomePage
The site to do the general explanation which included a Windows in addition to the DOS, too, and to be "IRU"
It places center of gravity in the DOS, Win3.1.
The information power which the hard ware, the network and so on dug into stands out.

Batfiles: The DOS batch file programming handbook & tutorial
The site to have mediated between the DOS, the BAT file about NT by
The DOS, the links for 3.1
The enormous literature, the links such as CDROM, PCMCIA, USB are must-see.
Requiring care

Mega 16-bit Freeware List
此方 included WIN3.1 in addition to the DOS.
It is introduced about the 16BIT app.
Specifically, the software, the link of the WIN3.1 relation are quite rich.

PowerLoad Home Page
This page is a page about the DOS, WIN3.1 in general.
There are a wide range of materials such as the history, the patch, the softness, the driver.
of the reading by all means because there is information which it is difficult to get, too

Computer Hopes FREE Computer Helps
此方 is the page of PC in general in addition to the DOS.
But may be hateful a little in the search
Attempt to trace from SITE MAP.
There is fairly and a lot of material.

The Win3.x source
此方 is DOS, Win It is a page about 3.x.
3.1 in addition to the DOS, too, is must-see with using.
There are explanation of the various app, links.
此方 is DOS, Win It is the site of Freeware in addition to 3.x.
There is a link of a lot of types.
It is recommendation because it is possible to chase a link all over the world.

BTTR Software
此方 is the site which makes public Freeware with the uniqueness of the DOS.
It is well-informed about the FreeDOS relation, too.
Specifically, BBS "DOS ain't dead" is required reading.

It is the company which made flagrant Zork of "KANO".
The download of Win95, the DOS, the Mac version of Zork1, 2, 3 is made.
It is possible for any specification, the environment to work because it is a text.

It is the page of the command collection about the DOS.
Much of the whether it is Config, patch and so on becoming is written down.

The FreeDOS/V page
The domestic FreeDOS project
It is doing transplant such as the localizing in Japanese of FreeDOS.
Information on domestic DOS in general, too, is collected.

Cat ear news agency
此方, too, is the page of the command collection of the DOS.
It is written in the DOS lecture.
It supports MSDOS7.1 which is loaded into WINDOWS98.

The Japanese DR DOS User's Group Japan DR DOS user meeting
The DrDOS project user group which is existing in the country
It is doing information on DrDOS, localizing in Japanese about it and so on.
Information on domestic DOS in general, too, is collected.

Stray Penguin -Linux Memo-
It is the component of the Linux of Stray Penguin, the site to verify an app.
of the "DOS vertebra CD 作"RU"」"NOPE-ZINITE"DOS"BU-TABURU"CD"NO"検証"GA"行"WARE"
Image creating, the test, the links of the driver and so on are accomplished.
Because to be deeply verified by USB and the image creating and so on
of the reading by all means

Wireless LAN on DOS by FakeSE
It is the site to verify a wireless LAN in the DOS on the laptop computer of FakeSE.
It is verified in a wide range of viewpoints such as the LAN card and the setup.
of the reading by all means about being reviewed in the wireless LAN in the DOS

However, it is "ZIETUTOBOTUKUSU".
The PC emulation centered on Bochs, qemu "YA"
It is the site which is updated, continuing the detailed latest information such as OS/2, the DOS.
The latest information on each field and considering about it are accomplished by the improvement of Bochs and Qemu and the diary.
It is in the characteristic that the level is very high. of the reading by all means

The Chinese DOS league
The DOS relation site, the BBS in China
The DOS site in China where the BBS continues to be still updated
Config.sys and the batch file, and so on
The explanation of the discovery of new things by studying the past is still left.


It is creating eagerly at present !